Cosy Watercolor Illustration: Create a Set of Fall Ornaments, Using Watercolor

Gather your favorite autumn ornaments and learn how to paint a cohesive set of illustrations using watercolors and pencil. This class is all about enjoying the process of painting and exploring your style while creating a library to put to use later on. You might turn your set into a pattern to sell online, or use it for your portfolio or design an autumn themed greeting card.

In this class you will learn step-by-step:

  • How to use watercolor techniques in illustration
  • How to use a limited color palette
  • How to transform your sketches to whimsical finished art
  • How to digitize this set of cosy illustrations into a digital library

This class is for all levels, from beginners to professionals who want to explore a new medium or topic or just want to get cosy.

Fall is the season of cosiness, the natural color palette is beautiful and inspiring. Therefore fall illustrations are popular art to use for your portfolio or for art licensing, because everyone loves those warm vibes. Plus, it’s relaxing to paint and to get into the cosy season, no matter what time of the year!

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